TypeOnline Course
DateMar 4, 2017 - Apr 18, 2017
TimeSaturdays only
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Graduate Finishing School

Graduate Finishing School (3 Saturdays only)


any graduates do not have the basic life skills to secure a job or to function effectively when they do. This in part is due to an educational system that elevates theory-based study and written examination over other forms of learning. The effect is that many graduates cannot think beyond what they have learnt in school, find it difficult to apply theories to life situations and generally do not know how to think outside the box.

Importantly, many of our graduates lack basic life skills such as communication skills, presentation skills, how to work in a team and social etiquette.

Registration & Payment

Mar 4, 2017 – Mar 18, 2017
(Three Saturdays only)
Follow the instruction in the flyer for registration and payment.


The Graduate Finishing School (GFS) is geared at preparing graduates and young professionals for the future by offering them skills for life – those things that are not ordinarily taught in school or university. Through the programme, we aim to complete the educational experience for young professionals and graduates.

Participants are offered the opportunity to start to differentiate themselves by learning social and communication. They will also learn and practice leadership, social and business and etiquette to enable them to feel comfortable and self-assured on any occasion.

The Graduate Finishing School develops students in the area of interpersonal skills by simplifying the complicated things of life. Our graduates will be equipped with the necessary skills for life and for the marketplace.

The goal is that the Graduate Finishing School will become the ultimate benchmarking criteria for recruiting young business executives.

The Graduate Finishing School is to assist graduates and young professionals to be skilled and creative.



Course Objectives

The ParkRoyal Graduate Finishing School course offers the benefit of:

  • To prepare participants for the employment market.
  • To assist graduates to effortlessly transition between university and the marketplace.
  • To plug the skills gap that exists between leaving university and performing effectively in the workplace.
  • To create and prepare a new generation of young people equipped with the necessary skills, intellect and character to lead both corporate and public service effectively.
  • To ensure that employees have the knowledge and skills they need to deliver results for clients and for Nigerians.
  • To help participants develop the confidence that will position them for success in life and the marketplace.
  • To create a generation of entrepreneurs, in SME and also technologically innovative businesses.
  • To equip participants with the communication and image skills necessary for success in life.
  • To develop polished professionals with excellent business, social and communication skills.

Course Outline
  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Business Etiquette and Social Skills
  • Interview Skills
  • Dining Etiquette
  • How to be a Lady/Gentleman
  • Ambassador & Networking Skills
  • Basic Elocution

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Course Cost

  • ₦40,000